So, here's the scoop..

Upon staking claim within the smoke shop industry in 2010, The Looking Glass cast light on a revolutionary smoke shop experience. Always clean, always comfortable, and always inviting, TLG strives to create a positive experience with every visit as well as every purchase. We take pride in running our business with the utmost standard. Our glassociates, a close-knit team of glass-loving individuals, are thoroughly trained in order to help customers find the right product. Experience levels be damned, we take pride in our non-biased approach to assisting all customers- from beginners to seasoned smokers alike. We love questions so never hesitate to ask before purchasing- the better you know your selection, the greater you will love your purchase forevermore. TLG aims to deliver a desirable selection for all budgets. Now operating 3 stores within AR, we are able to offer customers lower pricing and more options simply due to our growing scale. As cost is lowered for us, price is lowered for our patrons. If you find a product costs less from a competitor, let us know! We are always willing to honor fair market price.

-Stay Glassy