Product Gallery

Some of our product lines include Volcano, iOlite, Magic Flight, Silver Surfer, Airizer, Vaporite, Vapor Bros, Easy Vape, ATMOS, Vapir, PAX by Ploom, Eclipse, Vapor Genie, Toro, Illadelph, ROOR, Pyrology, Homegrown, Tsunami, Hitman, HVY, ZOB, Everest, Helix, Grav Labs, Gravitron, HiSi, PHX, Zong, Noble Glass, Dee Lee, Black Sheep, Jerome Baker, HBG, Grid, Sweet, Incredibowl, Jedi, Rolling Fire, Space Case, Sharpstone, Cosmic, Aerospace, Piranha, Dragon Chewer, Mama P's, Sahara Smoke, HookahHookah, Fantasia, Al Fahker, Taru, Alwaha, LighterMate, Vector, Tightvac, Vatra, Smoke Buddy, and many more every day!

We also feature glass pieces from local & independent artists including Mike, Cody, Jared & Fiona, Henry, Panda, Derald Terrill, Ty Bos, Scott Logan, Jesse Reed, Greg Gordon, Jameson Sidut, Jonathan Johnston, Whit, John Bradley, Jordan Kudabeck, Brandon Chutz & Kyle Atkinson of Deep Glass Gallery, Christina Cody, Elevate, Chuck B, Jeff Green, Freeek, Wildrok, ACE, Just Benny, Innerfire, STF, Glassadelic, Big Z.

We're sure you'll find what you're looking for.. and if not, just send us an email and we'll do our best to help you out. Feel free to come by our store to take a closer look at our inventory or to check out our prices. You stay glassy!


Bambu, Chills, Club, Cones, Cone Roller Set, Cyclones, Juicy Wraps, Juicy Jays Flavored Papers, Rollers, Incense Sticks, Randy’s, Elements, Raw Papers & Cones + Raw Accessories, Wiz Khalifa Papers, Zen Tips, Zig Zag, Pipe Cleaners, Glass Clear Papers (?) Vector Torch, Newport Torch Pipes: Sherlock, Chillum, Bubbler, Steam Roller, Ash Catchers, Metal Pipes, Wooden Pipes, Glass Pipes, Standard & GOG, Slides (std & gog), Hammer, Stemless, Honeycomb, Sandblasted, Gandalf


Sahara Smoke Hookahs, Khanjar Hookahs Al Fakher Shisha, Fantasia Shisha, Vortex Bowls, Taru coals, Zambookah Natural Hookah Coals, Coconara Coals, Hoses, Grommets, Ecoha Coals

Descriptive Glass Terminology

Glass Techniques

Frit, WnR, Lattichino, Inside Out, Glassadelic, Dichro, Gold & Silver Fume, Metallic, Reversals, Color Tubing, Glow in the Dark, Maria Ring, Coil Pot, Cosmic, Electroform, wig wag, nerd glass

Perc Discription

Upline, u-perc, dome-perc, mushroom-perc, turbine, disc perc, frit perc, showerhead, tree-perc, honeycomb-perc


Hi-Si, Twisted Sister, Transformer Tubes, Black Sheep Gallery, HBG, Zob, Medicali, Grav Lab, Grav Lab Helix, HVY, Pyrology, Illadelph, PHX, Boom Felazi, Wasatch, G Pen, Cloud Penz, Tsunami, Ashcatchers (std/gog)


Space Case, Santa Cruz, Cali Crusher, Sharpstone, Aerospace, Piranha, Wooden, Acrylic (?) Pollen Press, Crusher/Shredder/Grinder


Kosher Glass (Brandon K.), Mine Glass (Kyle Atkinson) Jeff Green (C&G), Chuck B (C&G), Freeek (C&G), Christina Cody (Shells), Jason Stecher, Jameson Sidut

Concentrate (“Tools to help you Concentrate”)

Waterpipe Attachments, Adaptors, Dome & Nail (10mm, 14mm, 18mm), Domeless Nails (Glass, Quartz, Ceramic, Titanium- Adjustable, double-sided), Extraction Tubes, Oil Slick Pad, Mini/Stack/Ball Storage, Hot Sticks, Drop Downs, Carb Caps, Rigs, Mini/Micro Rigs, Pendant Rigs, Quartz Banger, Dabber (Glass, Quartz, Ti), skillets/swings, Nectar Collectors, Dishes, StoK tools, Silika tools, Gas Pumps

Oil Slick Products

Pads, Mini/Stack/Ball Platinum Cured Silicone Storage, odorless & tasteless Butane: Vector, Newport, Stok Local: AR Custom Woodworks, Henry Putnam (Glassblaster), Panda (Backwoods Glass), Calvin Heithaus (Pimpy Glass), Derald Terrill, Jordan Kudabeck, Wesley Powell, Fiona & Jared Wilson, Jonathon Johnston, Whit Vardaman (Borowook Glass)


Vaporite Solo, Da Buddha, Silver Surfer, Cloud Penz, MFLB, Vapor Tower Extreme, G Pen/Box, Micro G, Atmos Raw, Atmos Junior, Atmos A-Pen, Atmos Optimus, Dr. Dabber, Pax by Ploom, Pen accessories, Vapir NO2, Volcano (Classic/Digital), Whispr, Iolite, Firefly, Pax 2 coming soon! Vaporite EZ Vape 5


Infyniti Scales, Tarpestries, Ryot, Monkey Pipes, Proto Pipes, Boveda Humipaks, Tightvacs, Dug Outs, Bats, Smoke Buddies, Pokits, Stash Jars/Cans, 420 Cleaner, Grassroots Hats, Extraction Experts, Puriclean Instant, Omni, Dimebags Storage, Ryot Shaker Boxes, Incredibowl, Gravitron, Hempwick, Smoke Odor Eliminator (spray/candle)